10 coolest Hitman trilogy missions

Agent 47 has been around the world and back again a few times over. Throughout the eight core games of the Hitman franchise (and two additional spin-offs), the bald, barcode-laden assassin has taken on work from China to New York and everywhere in between. Throughout those games, we’ve seen some clever takedowns, particularly in the most recent World of Assassination trilogy, brought to use by IO Interactive from 2016 and onward. 

Anyone can shoot to kill, but it takes someone impeccably skilled at their craft to make a spectacle of eliminating their marks. In honor of Hitman 3’s recent debut, here are 10 of the coolest assassination moments from Agent 47’s three-game run with IO Interactive. Here’s to seeing the greatest assassin of all time returning in the near future once IO is ready to bring him back for another adventure. 


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