Can I still run Windows software on an M1 Mac

There’s probably little argument about how revolutionary the recently released Apple M1 single system on chip (SoC) really is, but the question on many Mac users’ minds will be if they can directly run Windows on their shiny new machines. Let’s go through the details.

How Does Windows Run on Mac?

Macs with Intel processors made it extremely easy to install Windows through Boot Camp Assistant. If you have the required free space, using the Boot Camp Assistant, all you need to do is create a partition, format it, and voila, you’re ready to run Windows on your Mac. To change between using Mac and Windows just needs a quick restart. 

Does Boot Camp Work on the M1 Macs? 

Sadly, the short answer is no. It’s probably not what fans of the M1 chip want to hear but because Apple switched away from the Intel models to Apple silicon and decided to kill the Boot Camp assistant, the old way of running Windows on Macs is not possible. 

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

There is a bit of method to perceived madness here. To take on Intel and create their own chip, Apple decided to go with the ARM chip instead of the Intel-created x86 architecture. It has been a while since Apple introduced ARM chips to power their phone and tablet range so it makes sense to introduce the ARM range for their personal computers too. Going down this route, the end user will benefit from Apps that run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac too while the Apple engineers work on developing chips they’ve been working with previously.


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