CES 2021: This creator laptop gives you three webcams and a built-in ‘ring light’

While we’ve seen a few laptops up their game in the webcam department at CES 2021, the reality is that most of them are pretty disappointing and needless to say they don’t do you any favors when it comes to lighting. 

With CES starting to wind down, the solution to all of these problems has arrived in the form of the Avita Admiror II from Nexstgo with a total of three webcams and a built-in “ring light” (via Engadget).

Nexstgo Avita Admiror II angled with ring light on

(Image credit: Nexstgo)

So what exactly is the purpose of having three webcams in your laptop? Well much like the rear camera arrays on modern flagship smartphones these three webcams are giving you a variety of different zoom options. Nexstgo doesn’t offer exact focal lengths, but they are identified as “Close-up,” “Medium Close-up” and “Wider Shot,” so presumably this would roughly equate to a telephoto, wide-angle and ultra-wide.


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