The Galaxy S20 FE remains the best Samsung phone for most people — so forget the Galaxy S21

When the Galaxy S20 FE launched last fall it was a welcome surprise from Samsung, offering most of the great features of the Galaxy S20 line, but without the jaw-dropping cost. Samsung got the message and slashed the prices on the Galaxy S21 models this year by $200, but in order to get there, it cut out some well-loved features that even the budget-focused Galaxy S20 FE offered.

I’m sympathetic to always wanting the newest phone but splurging on the latest device is just not the right answer for most people in this case. I am leaving the Galaxy S21 Ultra out of the conversation here; that device, at twice the typical price for the Galaxy S20 FE, is in a different class. But for users considering the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Plus, I’m going to walk you through the reasons why you might want to opt for the Galaxy S20 FE instead.

Galaxy S20 FE is the better value 


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