Best 5G laptops in 2020

Most 5G laptops are catered towards people on the go. If you’re a professional who needs a reliable device at your side while away from a stable Wi-Fi connection, or if you simply want to be on the move with drop-of-the-hat access to the full potential of your machine, we have picked a selection of the best 5G laptops out there, both available now and coming soon.

No, the best 5G laptops don’t come with a faraday suit to protect you from the “harmful mind-control waves” conspirators think they run on. The greatest 5G laptops also lack a little tinfoil hat to keep the government out of your innermost thoughts — contrary to the viewpoint from the exciting world of my in-laws, anyway. Rather, in the real world, most of the following laptops come with “useless” stuff like an essential charger or stylus pen.


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