CES 2021: Razer just unveiled the world’s first smart mask — but there’s a catch

Get excited, people! Razer has just announced its plans to release the world’s first smart mask. The gaming-hardware tech giant calls it “Project Hazel.” It’s an N95 respirator with a glossy, waterproof, stain-resistant shell. It’s also transparent, which allows others to lip read your words while you speak.

What’s most eye-catching about Project Hazel is that incorporates Razer’s signature design elements, including Chroma RGB LEDs. This lighting feature can be personalized to the users’ taste, offering 16.8 million colors and a cornucopia of lighting effects. People may poke fun at you for looking like an executioner at a disco, but at least you’ll be evading COVID-19 in style.

Project Hazel: The world’s first badass smart mask


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