How to save a text from Messages to PDF on macOS

If you live in the Apple ecosystem, one of the biggest benefits is a variety of apps (both first and third-party) that keep your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and end Mac in sync. Messages on the iPhone, for example, sync to your wrist via the Apple Watch, or to your desktop through the Mac app. 

This makes it easy to save or archive messages, no matter which Apple device you’re using. And while a simple screenshot works most of the time, a longer message thread works much better as a PDF. 

When you save message threads in a PDF, it also saves the images included in the conversation. The only drawback is that there’s no simple way to add page breaks (meaning some texts might start on one page and end on another) and you’ll lose the time stamp of individual messages (though you’ll retain the daily timestamp). 

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1) Open the Launchpad from the Doc.


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