Why I picked up the M1 Mac mini over the MacBook Pro

When Apple refreshed its line of entry-level Macs with its own M1 chips, I knew I had, at long last, found the successor to my aging mid-2014 MacBook Pro. My choice should have been fairly obvious: for someone who’s owned a MacBook for years, the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro seemed like a no-brainer upgrade. Instead, I picked up the M1 Mac mini. Here’s why.

Why the long wait?

I had been meaning to replace my six-year-old MacBook Pro for a while. But being a Mac buyer hasn’t been easy these past few years. Apple’s computing division has spent much of the last half a decade patching what has ailed its notebooks since their 2015 revamp. By the time Apple fixed those fundamental flaws (faulty keyboard and performance hiccups among others), rumors of the new M1 processor began to spurt up. I had no option other than to wait. 


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